One of my most hated things is scrolling through a blog and thinking "I like this person" only to get 3 pages in and be confronted by something inexcusable, like a One Direction tattoo or not knowing all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody, and then feeling like you've been had. To avoid all this I'm going to add as much stuff as I can think of here (and I'll probably add more over time) about me so no one ends up feeling conned!

The Big Stuff

I'm 32
I have 4 children; 13 year old twins, a 9 year old and a baby. All girls.
We also have a stupidly large dog who is irritating but I'm actually quite fond of. We also have 3 semi feral cats who mutually dislike me.
I'm a student, studying Psychology. This is actually a cover for how I haven't actually worked out what I want to do with my life yet.
I'm fat. Not in an annoying 'ohmygodimsofat size 14' way, in a proper 'can use my underboob as nappy storage way'.
I live in Cornwall. This is a good thing for 70% of the year.
I've been with Mr Biscuit for 7 years, we're not actually married but Living In Sin (the fun!). My previous partner (and father of the older children) died as a result of a malignant melanoma several years ago.

The Small Stuff

I like my books to have swearing in, this helps me feel like I'm having grown up reading time.
I don't consider myself religious, neither am I an ardent athiest. I'm just a person.
I don't like bananas or peanuts.
I like making cakes nearly as much as I like eating them.
I like to think that I am easy going and forgiving person. In truth, I'm an evil and opinionated cow.
I'm a bit of a geeky gamer girl and have the hours played to prove it.

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